“International cooperation is a necessity”


"International cooperation is a necessity" The Covid-19 pandemic clearly shows that global health problems can only be solved if all countries cooperate. That is why the [...]

“International cooperation is a necessity”2021-03-22T08:30:29+01:00

How and why do we stay healthy?


The question of what is important in people's lives is examined regularly. It always leads to the same result: health takes first or second place. If health [...]

How and why do we stay healthy?2020-06-30T19:55:59+02:00

The Impact of Major Pandemics on Societies


At the start of the COVID pandemic I send a message to my colleagues. We need to stay together – this is the way out! Please listen! I [...]

The Impact of Major Pandemics on Societies2020-06-23T12:08:08+02:00

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