Keynotes & Summit

Looking for an opening keynote or want to get people involved? Let’s identify the right topic
for your target audience.

“Health isn’t everything, but without it, everything else is nothing.” – Schopenhauer

Some examples for my work

  • “Are women wiser?”
  • “Rope of Solidarity – we climb a 4000er”
  • “How we get the digital into medicine”
  • “Why me? Cancer as a Metaphor”
  • “What is the best Health System?”
  • “How many pandemics will I live through during my lifetime?”
  • “Do we need Health ministries?”

Coaching & Training

Does your group seek guidance and insights on achieving a healthy lifestyle? Or on how to realize one’s best health potential while living with, and/or subsequent to, a disease?

I work with patient groups, businesses, students, and administrators to achieve an enhanced understanding of why health “happens.”

My expertise and skills can support your organization or business to answer the question of „why“. Because health is the base for a happy state of mind and the base for excellent performances. It is essential to be able to achieve the best results possible. I help you to create awareness for a healthy way of life and a healthy state of mind – among your employees and your environment.


I advise a broad range of public and private entities on health systems, health promotion, and public health. More recently, these advisory services include counsel on core considerations for health measures in a post-Covid-19 era. This pandemic has underscored that sound public health requires not only individual, but also collective actions. Through my skills and knowledge in the field of health, I will find out how you can contribute to this and support conscious actions.

I look forward to working with you on formulating plans and strategies to attain the best possible health outcomes.

It sounds good?

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