About me
Bettina Borisch
Bettina Borisch
Expert for Global Health
– University of Geneva

About me
  • Physician (histopathologist) and historian by training
  • Professor of global public health and CEO of a worldwide NGO network
  • Approaches life and work with scientific rigour and humanistic attitude
  • On holidays can be found in the mountains or at the seashore!

Health, in all its dimensions — from the microscopic to the global — is the center of my work and passion.  In collaboration with a host of national, European, and UN organizations as well civil society, I apply the skills gained during years of basic research and diagnostic work in biomedicine/pathology to advance our common global public health.  With diligence and creativity I strive to improve the life and conditions of patients, and in particular those with breast cancer.

Now it is up to you: have a look at my services for more information and to find out how a cooperation could look like.


Prof. Borisch is not just a well-known medical scientist and historian but a truly inspiring woman, a
charismatic thought leader who can change the perspective we look at things on the long term.

Dr Claudia Ivascu, Roche

Bettina Borisch is a prominent expert in Public health – in all its dimensions – and a role model for
women. Always great to benefit from her experience, we were lucky to have her at our conference on
“How to preserve health capital” that we held at LVMH..

Chantal Gämperle, LVMH Moët Hennessy, Louis Vuitton

I have been impressed by Prof. Borisch’s unique skillset of being a medical doctor, scientist, patient
and public health representative together with an optimistic and inspiring attitude, which allows her
to be an effective leader in health matters.

Dr Jan Depta, Bristol Myers Squibb

Bettina Borisch ist eine profunde Public Health Expertin, die auch bei schwierigsten
Fragestellungen überzeugende Lösungen zur Diskussion stellt.

Sara Käch, Sensor Advice GmbH, Zürich